Southern Pacific 2562 - 1982 Eagle Scout Project to repaint the engine.

In 1982, Jason Griffith noticed that the "old" steam engine on display at Armstrong Park was looking run down.  The weather had taken its toll on the paint.  The last time the City painted the engine was in 1973.  During May-July of 1982, Jason decided to do something about the situation.  As part of his Eagle Scout project, he contaced the City who provided the paint and heavy equipment.  Jason organized the other Scouts into a dedicated team to clean and re-paint SP #2652.  Jason contacted the Arizona Railway Museum in December 2012 and graciously shared his experience helping to preserve #2562 for future generations.  Jason provided the photos, newspaper articles and even his Eagle Scout project report.

"I loved trains as a kid, but now my 3-year old boy is even more of a steam engine train fanatic than I was. This is what prompted my recently looking up where 2562 was. Even though it’s been 31 years since my Eagle Scout project and growing up in Chandler, I have very fond memories of playing on 2562 as a kid and then later for my Eagle Scout project. Specifically, I remember that the engine cab was, even then, pretty much stripped out, and the firebox was welded shut. During my Eagle Scout project, I remember the engine being completely covered in dust and sand….sand was everywhere….which needed to be washed off before painting. I remember scraping graffiti and rusted areas. I also remember having water balloon fights on the engine with the Scouts after we had finished work for the day."

Read more of Jason's recollections.

Before the project


During the project


After the project
Photo of Jason with #2562 Project Final Report Presentation Poster page 1. Presentation Poster page 2. Presentation Poster page 3.
City of Chandler Minutes, October 14,1982        

Newspaper Coverage
May 31, 1982 July 15, 1982 July 16, 1982 Snake caught in spider's web on #2562  

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